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Rep. Rokita & Rep. Banks: Opposing Votes on Spending Bill

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After a brief shutdown, the House of Representatives voted early Friday to approve a massive budget package that lifts spending caps while funding the government through March 23.

This final vote was 240-186. One of those “no” votes was from Indiana congressman Todd Rokita.

We’ve got Rep. Rokita on the line to breakdown what is in the budget package and why he voted no for it.

“We talk about draining the swamp, but the swamp just got injected with 300 billion dollars more that’s going to cause a trillion dollar deficit by next year. It’s just wrong… There was no way I was going to vote for that...You don’t have to choose between a strong military and more debt… We have a responsibility to budget and make tough choices; we can’t afford everything… What [those voting yes] save is not having to make a tough choice. That’s the swamp, that’s the Washington elite that I’m not going to be a part of.”

On the other side of the vote was Indiana congressman, Jim Banks. We also spoke to Rep. Banks to hear his opinion on the bill and why he voted yes.

“Our military is not prepared to confront the threats that we face, but the funding measure this morning will get us on the right track. At the end of the day that’s what this deal was about. Aspects of this deal were not perfect, not something I would vote for on its face as a conservative, but what it does to get our military fully funded is critically important.”


Listen to both Rep. Rokita and Rep. Banks on why they decided to vote the way they did. 


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