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Rob Kendall Unleashed: Rabid Rob Talks Teachers And The Scam of School Referendums

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Well, looks like Rabid Rob Kendall has his undies in a state of extremely wadded twistiness once again. What's got our buddy, Rob all Mr. Crabby Appleton today? Teacher raises and school referendums!

First, enjoy some background from a previously released WIBC article:

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb claims he’s been “mischaracterized” when it comes to his plans for increasing teacher pay in the near future, yet he's consistently failed to offer a clear picture of when salaries will increase for educators and by how much.

Holcomb ruled out spending any portion of Indiana's approximately $1.8 billion budget reserve, saying it would be financially irresponsible to spend one-time money for the ongoing expense of higher teacher salaries.

Instead, the Governor insisted that state legislators and education stakeholders must work together over the next several years to "put together a framework and deliver some action steps that will significantly, significantly improve teacher pay."

"This is going to require a multi-budget effort," Holcomb said. "We've got to identify hundreds of millions of dollars and the means to get it into teacher paychecks."

Now enjoy this heartwarming segment from the Hammer and Nigel show in which Rob Kendall is heard losing his s**t:

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