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Senate Votes No for Cold Beer Sales

Photo Credit-Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The vote on cold beer in convenience stores happened today. After years of Indiana residents begging for cold beer, the Indiana Senate voted 9-1 against the bill. Obviously, we at the Hammer and Nigel Show are despondent in the decision. We have Abdul in studio to see if there is any hope that we could get cold beer sales.

“I never say never, but it’s highly unlikely. The senate voted against it 9-1. Republicans and Democrats both voted no… Amendments were not allowed, so some of the guys could not vote for it in its pure form.”

Despite support from the public and convenience stores owners, the bill couldn’t gain traction.

“Everyone from the convenience stores wanted this to happen and the senate basically said, ‘No, this isn’t what you want.’ So their idea is basically don’t listen to your constituents.”

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