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Terri Stacy & Jeff Pigeon Remember 9/11

On the 16 year anniversary of 9/11 we are joined by Terri Stacy and Jeff Pigeon. Both were hosting the morning show on 1070 WIBC as the first plane hit the tower. They take us back to that frightful morning as they broke the news to Indiana.

Both Jeff and Terri recall struggling to get information at first. There was confusion about the first plane crash.

“Some people were reporting that it was a small plane that crashed, but I was looking at it and thinking to myself that this wasn’t a small plane. We also didn’t know if it was an accident or not. It wasn’t until we saw that second plane coming into frame that we first realized and just said, ‘Oh my god’.”

-Jeff Pigeon

“You couldn’t get ahold of anybody or anything. We were trying to get in touch with people, but cell phone coverage was not what it is today.”

-Terri Stacy 

Listen to Terri and Jeff recap the entire day below. 

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