Tomi Lahren: Democrats Want as Many Illegal Immigrants Released into the U.S. as Possible


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Tomi Lahren: Democrats Want as Many Illegal Immigrants Released into the U.S. as Possible

Lahren on 2020: "Do you want safe and secure borders, or do you want the crisis to continue?"

(photo: courtesy of Fox News)

Fox News and Fox Nation firebrand Tomi Lahren says Mexico has done a better job of working with the Trump administration to reduce illegal immigration than Congressional Democrats.

President Trump was recently handed a victory from the Supreme Court on asylum laws, and apprehensions along the southern border are down significantly from their peak in 2019.

"Mexico has been pulling their weight more so, which is great to have a partner," said Lahren in an interview with the Hammer and Nigel Show. "It would be great if Democrats would be as much of a contributing partner to the border crisis as Mexico is."

She continued: "Anytime you have apprehensions drop to just over 50,000 when we were averaging over one-hundred thousand a month, that's a success. And I think beyond that, it's going to be continuing to construct border walls, which they are continuing to do in San Diego. So all good things ahead, but the Democrats, of course, are going to do everything they can to block any laws and any changes to policy that allow us to continue to solve the crisis."

Lahren says immigration will continue to be a major issue going into 2020, adding that Democrats' endgame with immigration is amnesty and open borders.

"They want as many [illegal immigrants] to be released into the community as possible, and then as soon as a Democrat gets in the White House and the left has control of both houses of Congress, they're going to push for amnesty," said Lahren. "And from that point forward, Democrats will have millions of new voters who will be loyal to them for the rest of their lives."

Transitioning to the topic of the 2020 election, Lahren predicts Democrats are in for a rude awakening due to their assumption that support on social media translates to votes.

"The people who are supporting [the far left] on Facebook and Twitter don't go out and vote," explained Lahren. "They'll go out and protest in order to get out of work and school," but it's the reasonable Americans who actually have something to go out and fight for who go to the polls on election day."

Lahren also weighed in on Nancy Pelosi's announcement this week that Democrats would move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The Fox News and Fox Nation host said Democrats are hoping that the American people will interpret the left's perception as reality.

"[Democrats] are banking on people seeing the headlines, seeing all the talk about impeachment and coming to the conclusion that President Trump has done something so egregious, he should be removed from office," said Lahren, adding that she's frustrated by the role that Donald Trump has played in this latest political controversy.

"He's doing so well for the country and there is no need to entangle yourself in this mess; you were winning," said Lahren.

She continued: "You were winning on your own. You were winning on merit [so] why are we getting going down this rabbit hole that doesn't serve actual Americans? It only serves the D.C. belly swamp rats."

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