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Tomi Lahren of Fox Nation and Fox News Returns to The Hammer and Nigel Show

Covington Catholic, Liberal Hypocrisy, and Her Upcoming Appearance in San Antonio for 'Battle at the Border"

(Photo: Fox News/Fox Nation)

Tomi Lahren, the lovely, outspoken, and always insightful host from Fox Nation joined the Hammer and Nigel show Wednesday afternoon.

Tomi was fired up and ready to share her insightful analysis on the Covington Catholic controversy, liberal hypocrisy, and border security.

On Media's Response to Covington Catholic Story:

"Joy Behar put it best: The left wants to demonize Trump and Trump supporters; they don't care if they do it on facts. So they'll go to whatever lengths they need to in order to do that, and it's absolutely disgusting."

On Lack of Accountability for Liberals:

"No one holds them accountable. If a conservative does something wrong, we're immediately put on trial; ad boycotts are called; we're put under pressure from our own employers to make sure we stay in line and act classy, but on the left, there is none of that pressure and they can say whatever the heck they want."

On The Battle for a Wall at The Southern Border:

"I went down to the border and spent time with the border patrol agents. I went down with the mindset that I was going to be a sponge and just hear what they had to say. If they would have told me that Nancy Pelosi's idea of just mowing the grass was the best solutions, I would have been on board with that. That's not what they said. 

Our border agents do this for a living, and the Democrats pompously sit there and tell us our border agents are mistaken? Excuse me!"

Tomi also talked about her upcoming appearance in San Antonio for the 'Battle at the Border' town hall. Click the link below to hear Hammer and Nigel's full interview with Tomi:

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