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Tomi Lahren: Golden Globes Hypocrisy, Thoughts on Trump Book

Photo Credit- Michael Schwartz/Getty Images

Tomi Lahren of FOX New Channel is back on the Hammer & Nigel Show!

The Golden Globes were last night. The typical Hollywood hypocrisy was in full affect. The Hollywood elite were dressed in all black to fight sexual misconduct.

“They are still in mourning because Hilary isn’t their president. They said they were wearing black to have solidarity in their fight against sexual assault that they knew about for years, but they were actually in mourning that they lost an election they had no chance to win.”

Tomi touches on the recent controversial book, Fire and Fury, which details the behind the scenes drama in the Trump White House.

“When you’re in the white house, there is a level of trust towards that president. Instead, everyone is just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. It’s really sad… I think this book is a distraction from all the great things we are doing. I’d like to talk about a tax break, the stock market record highs.”


Listen to Tomi's full interview here

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