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Tony Katz: Trump's DACA Meeting & A Return to Breitbart?

The man, the myth, the legend, Tony Katz joins the show. We’ve got a lot to cover with Tony, starting with the recent DACA meeting that President Trump held in front of cameras.

“Trump had the democrats and republicans and normally it’s a little love for the camera and everyone goes on their way, but he kept the camera there for an hour. He starts calling on people… and he’s running this meeting like he’s a CEO… It was remarkable to watch. If this was the way D.C we could run, we could really get things done.”

Steve Bannon was recently let go by Breitbart. Tony has some history, as he used to contribute as a writer to Breitbart. Now that Bannon is out, would Tony consider a return?

“Steve Bannon was never rude to me, but his editorial vision for Breitbart, I didn’t agree with…but out of respect for Steve Breitbart, I said that if Steve Bannon was gone, I’d be happy to write there again.”  

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