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Too Late To Leave: Family Prepares for Irma

Nigel, Marco and 2 of his 5 kids at his house in Tampa earlier this year (photo credit Nigel)


We've got Marco on the Hammer and Nigel Show. Marco is the former morning host on 93.1 (The Morning Mess). He and his family are stuck in Florida and preparing for the incoming storm. Marco and his wife had discussed leaving earlier in the week, but were under the impression that the storm would hit higher on the east coast. The storm unexpectedly turned west and by that time it was too late to leave. With gas shortages across the state, leaving now would be impossible.

“It’s really too late for us to leave. We live on a peninsula. There’s water on three sides and if you try to get up on the highways out of here, you will inevitably run out of gas.”

Marco has a wife and five kids who are sticking it out with him. Despite the impending hurricane, Marco says that keeping the mood light eases the stress level with his young children.

“I think they’ve had their freak-out moments. They’ve closed schools today and yesterday. You can’t get away from it. We’ve had the conversation of what we’re going to do and what our plan is. If you’re here and you have to stay, you have to try and make this fun for the kids.”

We’ll be sure to check in again with Marco next week and wish him and his family nothing but safety during this storm.

You can listen to the full interview below. 

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