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Trump Delivers Glorious Butt Kicking to 'Loser' Jim Acosta

Trump to Acosta: "You are a rude, terrible person."

(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

If you thought Democrats regaining their majority in the House would calm America's most embarrassing "journalist" Jim Acosta to quit acting like a bratty, whiny little child at White House press briefings, think again!

The President kicked the ever-loving crap out of imbecile Acosta after the leftist idiot from CNN peppered Trump with questions meant to incite an outburst and refused to give up the microphone - even as a White House assistant attempted to take it from him.

The audio of the exchange is so delightfully glorious that you may wish to enjoy it while sipping a fine scotch. Seriously, it's that good!

WIBC's Nigel and 'Fake Hammer' cover the full exchange in the following clip: 

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