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Truth Bomb: The FACTS Behind The Temporary Reinstatement of Jim Acosta's Press Credentials

No, CNN's Chief Mattress Stain Has NOT Been Given Carte Blanche

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Jim Acosta, the head mattress stain of CNN and a national embarrassment has temporarily had his press credentials reinstated, allowing him to continue to pursue his spiritual calling: turning White House press conferences into his own personal s**t show of self-masturbatory, narcissistic rants against the current administration.

While we hate to be the 'pooper' of the progressive party that the mainstream press has been engaged in since Friday morning, it is incumbent upon us to point out a few FACTS about the controversial ruling by federal judge Timothy J. Kelly. 

Please note: Liberals may suffer extreme emotional distress and general befuddlement at the presentation of the following information as 'facts' is a term that is anathema to the modern-day journalist.

Fact 1: The original suit alleged that CNN and Mattress Stain's First and Fifth Amendment rights were violated by last week's suspension of his press pass. Judge Kelly did not rule on the underlying case on Friday; however, he granted CNN's request for a temporary restraining order on Fifth Amendment grounds. 

Fact 2: The White House has the power to create rules and regulations for conduct going forward. Once they are establish, any journalist or mattress stain who fails to abide by the established rules will be removed from the specific press conference he, she, or it (Acosta) disrupts.

Fact 3: WIBC political correspondent Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is a licensed and practicing attorney who knows more about this stuff than we do. Click the link below to hear his full explanation of the judge's ruling to Hammer and Nigel:


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