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Tucker Carlson Pushes Back as MORE Audio Emerges from Media Matters

Carlson: "Fox News is behind us; We will never bow to the mob."

(Stefan Zaklin / Stringer / Getty Images)

Fox News' Tucker Carlson is not backing down and has no intention of "bowing to the mob."

Media Matters for Morons... err... America has released more ancient audio of Carlson from various appearances on the "Bubba the Love Sponge Show."

The second batch of audio recordings - which have been available on YouTube for YEARS - feature Carlson making "racist and xenophobic remarks about Iraq, Afghanistan Muslims, the Obamas and immigrants," according to USA Today's description.

Wanna hear it for yourself?

The previous batch of audio 'unearthed' by the fine investigative morons of Media Matters featured "sexist" comments about women as well as child rape. 

Wanna hear that too?

Meanwhile, Carlson is refusing to back down and apologize for the 'vintage' comments, telling viewers on Monday night's broadcast of his Fox News program that he and his network would not "bow to the mob."

Wanna see THAT TOO?

Good stuff.

Hey Media Matters, have you seen this one of Al Sharpton from back in the day where he calls a random guest on the Morton Downey Jr. Show a 'fa**ot" per chance?

Hammer and Nigel broke down all of the blessed auditory delights on their show Tuesday. Click below to enjoy with presently.

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