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Tuesday's with Tony: Oscars Suck, Nunberg Goes Full "Crazy"

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means? Yup, it’s time for Tuesdays with Tony! We’re talking Oscars ratings bomb, the Nashville mayor sex scandal and former Trump advisor Sam Nunberg losing his mind on cable news.

On Oscars:

“It’s flat out exhaustion. Kimmel is the guy screaming get off my lawn. You don’t get to be the guy who has women jumping on trampolines and then talk to us about sexual abuse. It’s pathetic and embarrassing. Every time they lecture at us, we get exhausted.”

On Nunberg:

“This guy wants to burn it all down purposefully so that his testimony can’t be used against him or anyone else. People are just going to claim he’s crazy. There’s a question of his drinking, there’s a question of his meds.”

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