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Turns Out Bernie Sanders is Socialist AND Sexist!

Sanders to Warren: A Woman Can't Win Presidential Election

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Well, any support Bernie Sanders had from women appears destined to evaporate momentarily.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren delivered a shot at fellow Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday night, alleging that Sanders told her a woman can't win the White House.

"Bernie and I met for more than two hours in December 2018 to discuss the 2020 election, our past work together and our shared goals: beating Donald Trump, taking back our government from the wealthy and well-connected, and building an economy that works for everyone. Among the topics that came up was what would happen if Democrats nominated a female candidate. I thought a woman could win; he disagreed," Warren said in her statement.

She continued, "I have no interest in discussing this private meeting any further because Bernie and I have far more in common than our differences on punditry.  I'm in this race to talk about what's broken in this country and how to fix it -- and that's what I'm going to continue to do. I know Bernie is in the race for the same reason. We have been friends and allies in this fight for a long time, and I have no doubt we will continue to work together to defeat Donald Trump and put our government on the side of the people."

No class at all, Bernie. A woman can do anything a man can do... Except kill a spider.

Warren's allegations came on the heels of a CNN report citing four accounts of a December 2018 meeting between Warren and Sanders claiming Sanders told Warren he did not believe a woman could win the race. Sanders denied the report.

WIBC's Hammer broke down the allegations while Nigel broke out his Bernie Sanders impression.


"You know, the other thing people need to realize here is that this isn't the first time old Bernie Sanders has been accused of sexism. Hillary accused him of it in 2015. Bernie said something about how Hillary was shouting about gun control, and then Clinton went on to use that against him, saying something to the effect of 'Well, I'm not really shouting, it's just that when women talk, sometimes men THINK we're shouting.' So this isn't the first time this has happened."


"The reason she was shouting was that she had all the answers to the debate questions."

In other news:

Check out Nigel's Bernie Sanders impression by clicking below. Clip is suitable for all genders.

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