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Wanna Drink Some Firewater with Fauxcahontas?

Elizabeth Warren Campaign Offering a Chance to 'Grab a Drink' with World's Most Awkward Beer Drinker

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Democrat Senator, 2020 Presidential candidate, and fake Native American Elizabeth Warren snagged the title of "World's Most Awkward Beer Drinker" after one of her most cringeworthy attempts to appear relatable and hip went horribly wrong. We're speaking, of course, about Senator Fauxcahontas' infamous 'beer video.'

So natural, isn't it? 

Anyway, the fake Native American and guaranteed loser of the 2020 Presidential election is embracing her viral video past, offering her supporters - yes, they actually exist - a chance to "have a drink" with her! 

“Doesn’t having a drink with Elizabeth sound pretty refreshing and inspiring right now? She’s great company — just ask her husband, Bruce,” the campaign said in an email that was sent to supporters Wednesday.

“Elizabeth and Bruce like to kick back and catch up over a couple of beers. But if you win, you can order whatever drink you’d like — hot, cold, caffeinated, decaf, sweetened, unsweetened, sparkling, still, anything (the world is yours)."

Editor's note: How about cyanide?

"And you’ll be able to talk with Elizabeth about what issues matter most to you, why you’re in this fight, and anything you want her to know.”

Suggestion for Senator Warren: offer ALL Americans who are eligible to vote AS MUCH FREE ALCOHOL AS THEY DESIRE. For it was written and foretold by a great Native American ancestor: 

"The more firewater one drinks, the better Elizabeth Warren looks as a Presidential candidate." - Johnny Depp 

Sounds like a great drinking game doesn't it? "How Many Beers Would it Take... to Actually Vote for Elizabeth Warren."

Hammer and Nigel talk drinking with Fauxcahontas in today's edition of "Booze News."

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