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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Destroys "The View" Hosts

Calls out Joy Behar's 'blackface' and Whoopi Goldberg comments on Polanski

(Screen Capture:

Donald Trump Jr. delightfully dressed down the dimwitted Democrat dingbats of delusion during daytime's dreary display of daily debate dumbassery, "The View" Thursday.

Editor's note: How's THAT for alliteration?

Donny Jr. came prepared for a fight! Donny Jr. got himself a fight!

Mere minutes into Don Jr.'s  appearance on the left-leaning daytime crapfest "The View," co-host Joyless Behar rattled off a list of President Trump's mishaps and controversial moments before Trump reminded ABC's gaggle of geese that "we've all done things that we regret."

Donny Jr., who appeared on the show by his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, quickly went on the offensive, accusing Joyless Behar of once using "blackface," and calling out Whoopi Goldberg's past comments diminishing the seriousness of director Roman Polanski's sexual assault of a minor.

Demonstrating restraint, the President's eldest son did not comment on Whoopi Goldberg's hair.

After the show went to commercial, Trump Jr. took to Twitter to express a few additional thoughts.

Trump Jr. then tweeted a link to an article featuring Whoopi's vile comments about Polanski.

Hammer and Nigel have all the best highlights from Don Jr.'s appearance in the clip below.

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