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Watch as Man Releases Giant Rat Inside McDonald’s

Prank Was Retaliation for Getting His Order Wrong

(Photo: Screen Capture from Video posted by Fe Bugot)

Well, somebody released a rodent in McDonalds again, and it was all captured in high-def, stomach-churning quality for the world to enjoy.

The 42-second footage posted on Facebook last week by the account Fe Bugout shows a man entering the Mickey D's in downtown Newark (in case you have the urge to go there yourself) carrying a massive white rat in a plastic cage. 

The man releases the rat, which causes the entire restaurant to erupt in a panic. 

People can be heard screaming the usual “Oh s–t!” and “What the f–k!” exclamations as hop over tables and head for the door. Seriously, if you click the video and listen with your eyes closed, you'll swear blood-thirsty tiger was released instead of a harmless pet rat.

Hammer and Nigel weighed in on the rat's trip to McDonald's in the following clip:

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