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What the Hell Happened with Josh McDaniels & the Colts?

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A wild situation unfolded in Indianapolis last night. The Colts were had announced the hiring of New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator, Josh McDaniels as their next head coach. The press conference was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Next thing you know, McDaniels changed his mind, informing the Colts that he would not be leaving New England. This left the Colts shocked and without a head coach. We’re bringing in the big guns to get a grip on all of this.

Kevin Bowen covers the Colts for 1070 The Fan joins the program to tell where the Colts go from here.

“This organization has no life. Your quarterback is hurt. You don’t have a head coach, the head coach you thought you had just said no to you and is going back to your rival.”

All indications are that McDaniels went to work Tuesday morning with the indication of packing up his office and flying to Indianapolis. Kevin says this announcement was a complete blindside to everyone.

“His agent just parted ways with him… This was him in solidarity. He did not confide to anyone in this process and this was a total blindside. You don’t see teams announce a hire then this happens.”

It appears that McDaniels was swayed at the last second by Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach, Bill Belichick, who allegedly offered a pay raise and possibly a position as the coach in waiting, although latter hasn’t been confirmed.

“I just don’t know how much Kraft and those guys could have sweetened that package… to me it’s so confusing.”


We next get Big Joe from 1070 The Fan on the line. He’s spitting some fire on the subject, even indicating that the Patriots may have collaborated in an attempt to screw over the Colts in response for deflategate.

“No way in hell anything like that would take place after you’ve already taken 2 interviews and go so far as to pick your assistant coaches. He had three different opportunities to communicate that he didn’t want the job. This is conspiracy theory, but it’s not that far off. They say ‘here’s more money’ we’ll make this really look good and damn them for deflategate. I can definitely see a lot of that happening.”

Joe played in the NFL for years and has very good insight into how things work in the league. He says the Patriots may face some backlash from the rest of the league in response to their handling of this situation.

“This makes Ballard look horrible. He was the guy who brought this guy to the owner, but Chris is man enough to own up to that and never let it happen again… The NFL used to be a league where your word was gold…When you have someone step out of line like the Patriots have done, it’s going to come back to get you. Other teams aren’t going to come lining up to do deals with you. It may be harder for them to trade and get things done.”

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