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THIS is Why The Government Should Pay People to Get Vasectomies and Have Their Tubes Tied

15-Year-Old Accused of Drunken Driving With Baby in Car

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Idiots keep having children and there's only one sensible solution: Government-mandated licensing prior to getting pregnant. Yes, it's an infringement on your freedom and God-given rights, but we've got to thin the herd of the stupid.

From the AP:

"Police in southeastern Wisconsin say a 15-year-old boy is accused of driving drunk with a baby in the back seat.

Mount Pleasant police say the baby's mother and another teen in the car were also intoxicated. Sgt. Eric Relich says police responded to a report of a reckless driver about 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Relich says someone saw the driver swerving and driving into oncoming traffic.

The car stopped near a gas station and responding officers say they found the 15-year-old behind the wheel. WITI-TV reports Relich says the 19-year-old mother of the 5-month-old baby was so intoxicated she couldn't stand straight.

Authorities say beer bottles were found next to the baby's car seat. The teen driver was taken into custody."

WIBC's Nigel of the Hammer and Nigel show perfectly articulated a sensible solution for the abundance of morons who continue to bring helpless children into the world and screw them up beyond the point of recovery before they've even reached puberty:


"This right here is why I'm for free birth control for all Americans. I'm for free tubes tide for everybody! I want government prevention of pregnancy for everyone. I don't care what side of town it is - poor area or rich area - $500, we'll pay YOU to get a vasectomy. I think about the life this 5-month-old child has ahead of it and I get absolutely sick to my stomach."

Click below to hear Nigel's full take on this awful story:

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