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THIS is Why We Will Never Have Peace in the Middle East

Jack in the Box Drive-Thru Video: Customer's Rages at Employee for Flirting with Another Customer

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Bad news for those of you still holding out hope for peace in the Middle East, according to WIBC's Hammer and Nigel: It ain't' gonna happen. It the world can't even get past the 2016 election, there's little hope of resolving thousands of years worth of bloody killings and wars over religious convictions.

Americans, however, seem particularly rage-prone lately. For definitive proof of claim, look no further than the latest incident of fast-food fury.

The latest 'must-watch' video to go viral on social media comes courtesy of an incident filmed at a Jack-in-the-Box in Bellflower, CA.

In the video, a female employee working the drive-thru is seen holding hands and flirting with a customer who is picking up his food. Meanwhile, fellow drive-thru customers observing the exchange become increasingly agitated.

Finally, a man yells out, "Yo, what's going on with the food?"

"I'm correcting an order," the female employee replies. "That's what I'm doing."

After some back-and-forth comments, the employee tells the frustrated customer, "If you're gonna be rude, I'm not gonna take your order. You can go ahead and leave. I'm not gonna take your order."

Fun Fact: The employee had already taken his order. He was waiting to pay and pick up his food.

The Rest of the Story:  After the video went viral, the owner of the Jack-in-the-Box in Bellflower apologized to the woman who captured the incident and offered her some coupons, adding that the "relatively new" employee would not be working at the restaurant much longer.

Bellflower Jack-in-the-Box Trivia: The cashier seen in the video was contacted by ABC-7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles today. She claims she has not been fired and that video "will show she did nothing wrong." 

Well, here's the video! Let's have a look!

Based on our investigation, it would appear as though the cashier in question is lacking in the self-reflection and evaluation of performance categories. 

You know, Jack-in-the-Box seems to have a real problem finding decent workers AND decent customers for their drive-thrus. For example, there was that time that a deaf woman was berated by a Jack in the Box drive-thru worker for not using the speaker to order.

That one happened in California too, by the way.

And there was also that time when a drive-thru customer at an Auburn Jack-in-the-Box shot at an employee through the window.

If you absolutely MUST eat at a Jack-in-the-Box, it's probably best to go inside to order your food. 

Hammer and Nigel have more on the "Chatty Drive-Thru Worker" in the clip below. Plus, a thief in Wisconsin was caught stealing a flute after he tried to stick it down his pants, and a guy from Texas named Heath Bumpous robbed a bank the day before his wedding to pay for his bride-to-be's ring and their venue.

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