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Widow of IMPD's Rod Bradway Preserving Her Husband's Legacy

Rod Bradway's widow, Jamie, speaks to Hammer & Nigel about her and her family, her work advocating for officers and her thoughts on the media portrayal of police.

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Four years ago on this date, IMPD officer Rod Bradway lost his life in the line of duty. His widow, Jamie joins the Hammer & Nigel Show to talk about her life over the last four years and her husband’s legacy.

“I would say it’s different. Your perspective changes each year. Different things happen during the year and when his end of watch comes around it’s not as hard of a blow, but it’s different. It’s still very hard, but different. People remember his kindness. He was a kind officer and a kind man. He did so much for his family and his friends. He was a family man and people in the community remember him and that makes me smile.”

Jamie and her family made national news earlier this year when Jamie and Rod’s daughter, Sierra was sent off to prom by the officers at IMPD. Jamie talks about that special moment and what it meant to her.

“It was incredible. I was not expecting that. I didn’t know about it and my jaw dropped… I thank them so much. They came through for her and our family will never forget it.”

More recently, Jamie spoke at IU Kokomo about the lives of police officers. She advocates that police officers are more than just a uniform. 

“It was about humanizing our police officers. The biggest thing for me is giving our officers a face and a beating heart. Most people don’t understand what a police officer’s life is really like… they have hearts and they have families and wives and homes and ambitions and pets. Policing is a job that they chose to do. I want to drive the home the point that they are standing on the line between good and evil. All they want is to keep the public safe.”

Jamie is especially critical of the media portrayal of police officers today. She argues that the media frequently reports negative stories on police officers across the country, while a majority of positive things the police do are underreported by the media.

"The media portrayal of police is horrible. There is a bias towards them. [The media] like to edit around a lot of things to show the bad. The police do so many good things everyday. Why not show some of that stuff to people? The media has a lot to do with the shape the nation is in when it comes to policing."

Thank you to Jamie.  You can listen to her full interview below. 

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