The Hammer and Nigel Show

The boys think they've found the real meaning of the word "Covfefe". Also talking about a survey of what people would lick for $20, more reactions from the Kathy Griffin picture, a round of "Is This Anything?", and a Lewd Nude Dude in the News
Nigel is back (and he wasn't at the Betty Ford Center). The boys recap the craziness that was the Indy 500. The debut of our newest segment- Audio Roulette, Bob Zany joins the show and reaction to Kathy Griffin's decapitation picture of Trump.
Kids these days have no idea what Carb Day is. It has nothing to do with food, but if it did, here's what it would sound like
Do you remember when Nigel won the Indy 500? No? That's because it never happened, but plenty of racing fans didn't know that when we sent Producer Ari to the Speedway to ask.
It's the night before CARB DAY!!! Rob Kendall fills in for Nigel as the boys talk about a GOP Candidate body slamming a reporter, a drug smuggling pigeon, a karoke performance gone wrong and play another round of America's newest game sensation, "Is This Anything?"
Ever heard the phrase, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight?" The same kinda thing applies here. The dude tried to shoot a bear with a bow and arrow... LOL Calm down, he's ok. Video of Black bear charge(attack) fire river ontario spring 2017
Rob Kendall fills in as the boys continue to get you ready for the Indy 500 with everything you need to know leading up to race day. New segments of "Hammer's Heroes" and "Is This Anything?"
It's Race Week in Indy! The boys discuss security for the Indy 500 after the attack in Manchester. Hammer pays his respects for the late Roger Moore, Rob Kendall roasts a man during a debate and new segments of "Lude Dude in the News", "Hammer's Heroes" and "Is This Anything?"
The boys cover the breaking news after a bomb went off at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Also discussing 2 Indy Car drivers being held at gunpoint in Indy. Rob Kendall fills in