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Bruno from 1070 The Fan and " Bruno's Blog " joined Hammer and Nigel to talk about what's next for the Indiana Pacers and Larry Bird... plus Colts stuff and the All-Star game coming to Indy! Audio titled conrad-brunner-with-hammer-and-nigel
You’ve seen him in movies like Joe Dirt and The Informant… he’s a national touring comedian with a loooong history and many fans here in Indy. His unique take on the news happens every week right here on the Hammer and Nigel Show! Time for an all new “Zany Report,” with Bob Zany...
Sean Spicer 's press briefings need some levity every once in a while... Gronk is here to save the day! The Patriots are at the White House to visit the President and perpetual party-boy Rob Gronkowski snuck away to see if "Spicy" needed any help: Video of C987nrZ3dj8
Captain Bursten , Public Info. Officer for the ISP, talks about what you should do if you encounter Steve Stephens , what the police response in Indiana has been like, and an update on the Delphi investigation. Audio titled capt-david-bursten-from-isp-talks-facebook-killer-and-...