The Hammer and Nigel Show

Bob Zany joins Hammer and Nigel for his weekly take on the news... an all new ZANY REPORT !! Audio titled bob-zany-with-an-all-new-zany-report-1
Photo by imagospot / Thinkstock Hammer and Nigel think Yuengling may be popular because it had to be smuggled in. via GIPHY Take a listen as we try figure out why there is SO MUCH HYPE... Audio titled smokey-and-the-bandit-yuengling Photo: @RTV6
Hillbilly ingenuity at it's finest... when you can't find a drummer, hire your clothes washer! Video of sKZTdkvr4qo
Something tells me this dude thinks a D-1 coaching opportunity is waiting for him just around the corner. Take it easy Bob Knight, you're coaching 6 year olds. Let the little guy score a bucket. Who cares if it's not his teams basket? If I was that kid's dad, I would've yanked...