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Lexington Middle School told Sheila Gayle’s eighth grade daughter to quarantine for 10 days because of what they thought were COVID-19 symptoms. But, mom says it’s just “that time of the month.” (Photo: Suphansa Subruayying/Getty Images)

A Florida Middle-School Student Got Her Period. Her Mom Told The Whole Country.

A middle-school student in Fort Myers, Florida was sent home from school and told to quarantine for ten days after displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

The girl’s mother, Shelia Gayle, told Southwest Florida’s Fox 4 Now that her daughter’s fatigue prompted the school to issue an ultimatum: pull your daughter and her siblings from school or get a note from the doctor that declaring that she’s not infected with COVID-19.

Gayle took her “doomed” eighth-grader to a doctor who confirmed the girl did NOT, in fact, have Coronavirus. Nope! She was just on her menstrual cycle.

Those school nurses in Florida are doing a bang-up job, ain’t they?

So the good news is the girl doesn’t have Coronavirus. The bad news is that the entire continental United States now knows she’s on her period.

And why, exactly, does the whole country know that Shelia Gayle’s daughter is on her period? Because mom went on television and talked all about it!

Take note, parents: Nothing bolsters the confidence of your teenage daughter like a little national media attention on her menstrual cycle.

Custom Spoiler Alert for Sheila Gayle: Don’t be expecting that “Best Mom In The World” trophy they sell at Walmart on your next birthday.


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