Pop Star LIzzo performs at Indy Pride

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Breaks Down His Observations Following Participation in the Indy Pride Parade

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First things first: The individual pictured above is NOT Abdul-Hakim Shabazz; it is singer “Lizzo,” who performed at last weekend’s Indy Pride celebration. That said, both are “extraordinary luscious and tasty,” per the assessment of WIBC producer Rob Kendall.

Moving on…

WIBC legal and political correspondent Abdul-Hakim Shabazz joined the Hammer and Nigel show Monday to discuss his participation in this weekend’s Indy Pride Parade and his observations from the event.


“For the most part, the parade and the people were very nice. Like any other parade, people were throwing beads and candy, the whole nine yards. And in the wake of the controversy, I thought it was interesting that the most intolerance I saw was from two social justice warrior activists that I know from my regular dealings, and the guy who had the “homosexuality is a sin” sign. So interestingly enough, I think Jim Merritt – had he decided to march – would have been welcomed warmly and favorably.”

Shabazz also spoke with Hammer and Nigel about a recent article at IndyPolitics.org that examined the controversy surrounding Indy Pride and Rep. candidate for Mayor, Jim Merritt. In the piece, Shabazz stated that “tolerance is a two-way street,” arguing that the leadership of Indy Pride should embrace Merritt’s decision to reverse his stance on controversial issues related to the LGBTQ community.

“I thought it was very hypocritical for some of the organizers of Indy Pride to say that Jim Merritt was not welcome. Jim Merritt – like a lot of other people – has evolved and changed his mind on some of these issues. And don’t forget, Merritt voted for the RFRA fix, which for the first time, in state statute, prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation. So if you want tolerance and acceptance, then it’s a two-way street. If someone says they’ve evolved and changed their mind, embrace them and hold them accountable to what they say moving forward. Because if on the 1-in-25 chance Jim Merritt becomes mayor, what are you going to do then?”

Click the link below to hear more from Abdul’s appearance on today’s show, including a discussion of Illinois’ recent move to legalize recreational marijuana.


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