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A man has been charged with assault after passing gas in an UBER and then attacking the driver when he complained. (Photo: Anastasiia_New/Getty Images)

Assault Charges for Man Who “Broke Wind” in Uber, Then Attacked The Driver When He Complained

A UK man has been charged with assault after he broke wind in an Uber and then attacked the driver for protesting, as reported by the New York Post

According to the Post, James Mallett, 35, allegedly “let rip” as Aleksander Bonchev was driving him to a nightclub.

Bonchev to a Bristol, UK court it was the “final straw” after suffering abuse from other fares that night, so he told Mallett to get out of his vehicle.

As passenger Mallett got out of the vehicle, he allegedly began punching Bonchev, who then knocked down Mallett in self-defense.

Bonchev sustained a broken finger, was unable to work, lost his job with Uber, lost his home, AND lost his car.

Mallett, however, only received a suspended jail sentence.

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