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Chewbacca Prank On Ex-Girlfriend Leads to Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Jessica Sewell, a 29-year-old mother has had one heck of a week. First, her ex-boyfriend gave out her phone number and told people to prank call her with their best ‘Chewbacca roar. Then, a local television did a story about it, and when the segment about the prank aired on TVNZ, reporter Wilson Longhurst made “humorous” comments about her teeth and her hair on live TV.

Clearly, Wilson Longhurst is not the “woke” type.

What made Longhurst’s comments about Sewell’s teeth especially distasteful was the manner in which her teeth were destroyed.

According to the “Daily Mail,” Sewell’s teeth were knocked out during a domestic violence incident.

“I had a bad relationship for nine years and had two kids with this guy and he knocked out my four front teeth … I went on TV and people had a massive problem with my looks because of my teeth,” Sewell later revealed.

Casual Observation: Jessica Sewell has questionable taste in men.

There IS a happy ending to this story, however.

Sewell started a GoFundMe page to raise money for new teeth, and as of Thursday, she’s raised nearly $7,000! So in a way, you COULD argue that her ex-boyfriend actually did her a favor in the long run.

But seriously, this gal needs to find a nice church-going fella or switch to the lesbian brand.

Hey, we hear Rob Kendall is single again! Call him and do YOUR best Chewbacca impression. Rob LOVES hairy women.

Hammer and Nigel weigh in on Jessica Sewell’s story and more in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”


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