Dad Bod Baseball Jerseys for Florence Freedom

Florence Freedom Unveils New “Dad Bod” Baseball Jerseys!

(Image: Screencapture from TMZ Sports)


The Florence Freedom, a minor league baseball team in Kentucky celebrated Father’s Day by wearing “Dad Bod” jerseys for their game against the Lake Eric Crushers at UC Health Stadium Sunday night.

The jerseys feature full back hair, man nipples and a tramp stamp tattoo! 

Yes, the players wore them for the actual game. Check it out:

Fans in attendance were able to BID on the jerseys worn by the players.

Hey, if women can sell their dirty panties for a fortune, why can’t a minor league baseball team raise a little money for charity, right?

*Please note: There is NO truth to the rumor that the design of the “Dad Bod” jersey is based upon Jason Hammer’s appearance in the EXTREMELY low-budget homemade porn film: “Hammer Gets a Hummer.”


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