Dennis Quaid sings "America, I Love You Too."
Dennis Quaid sings "America, I Love You Too."

H&N Exclusive: Dennis Quaid Talks His Latest Single, “America, I Love You Too”

Actor and musician Dennis Quaid called into the Hammer and Nigel Show Tuesday to discuss his new hit country single, “America, I Love You Too.”

Quaid told Hammer and Nigel the song was inspired by the divisive political tone in the country.

“I was despairing about how we as a country talk to each other,” Quaid explained. “There’s a lot of yelling and screaming and intolerance for the other side’s point of view. But the song itself is non-partisan.”

“And when we made the video, we recorded it right there on the street,” Quaid told Hammer and Nigel. “We set up a bandstand with a carpet and a big American flag behind us, all neighbors and their kids came out, and we had a block party.”

Quaid even managed to get Robby Krieger, former guitarist for “The Doors,” to play on the song.

“Robby and I have become good friends over the past couple of years, and we’ve actually been playing around town together,” said Quaid. “And the thing about him is that he gives back to his community so much.”

Quaid also expressed his exhaustion with celebrities who use their platform to push a political agenda.

“I get tired of it,” said Quaid. “They don’t know the people who get up early and have to scrape the snow off their windshield to go to work at jobs – many of which were lost as a result of the pandemic.”

One of Quaid’s earliest roles was playing the character of “Mike” in the 1979 film “Breaking Away,” shot in Bloomington, IN. The actor and musician told Hammer and Nigel he had plans to attend a reunion in the Hoosier state prior to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I had such a great time when I made that movie – especially shooting it in Indiana,” said Quaid. “My new bride grew up in Illinois, and the whole mid-western attitude towards things really represents America at its core.”

Quaid also talked about a few of his other iconic Hollywood roles over the years. Click below to hear Hammer and Nigel’s full interview with Dennis Quaid.


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