A turntable platter featuring a man with a turkey leg and a massive belly.
Hammer and Nigel Records have an all-new division: Quarantunes!

H&N Records’ Quarantunes Divsion: “A Turkey Leg To Go”

Coronavirus… It began as a deadly pandemic, but it became the inspiration for the hottest toe-tapping hits of a generation.

That’s why Hammer and Nigel Records – eager to capitalize on this unique and time-sensitive pandemic opportunity – created an all-new creative division at their legendary label: “Quarantunes.”

“Our new division, ‘Quarantunes,’ will specialize in crafting the finest-quality audio pleasures that can be achieved with no budget, minimal effort, and questionable taste,” Hammer and Nigel Records promised in a press release.

Click below to enjoy their first release in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday: “Turkey Leg To Go.”



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