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MLB Moves All-Star Game To State With Established Voter I.D. Laws And Less Diversity Than Atlanta

The “woke” thinkers of Major League Baseball proudly announced this week that they’re pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest against Georgia’s new voter-ID law and moving the event to Colorado – a state with voter-ID law.

“Coors Field in Denver has been chosen to host this year’s All-Star Game,” ESPN reported. “It will mark the second time the homer-friendly home of the Colorado Rockies will host the Midsummer Classic. The American League beat the National League 13-8 at Coors in 1998.”

Here’s another interesting fact about the fine state of Colorado: the state’s residents are mostly White folks.

  • Colorado is 86.9% white and 4.6% black.
  • Georgia is 60.2% white and 32.6% black.
  • Denver is 76.1% white and 9.2% black.
  • Atlanta is 40.9% white and 51% black.

Meanwhile, the county where the game was going to be held in Georgia is set to lose more than $100 million from the league deciding to pull out of the area. That includes Black workers and Black businesses taking the hit so the brain trust at MLB can keep political left off their back.

So much for being “woke,” MLB.

Hammer and Nigel will have more on MLB’s major blunder on today’s show.


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