Reverend Kane is Refused Admission to Restaurant.
Rev. Kane of "Poltergeist" fame says he was denied entry at a local restaurant because he refused to wear a mask.

No Mask, No Admission: Anti-Mask Activists Say Their Constitutional Rights Are Being Violated

No shirt, no shoes, no service!

It’s long been understood that if you enter a private establishment in America – particularly one in which food and beverages are sold – you simply must place coverings over your feet, nipples, and scary hairy back. It’s more than common decency, it’s the law!

Please Note: Just because you happen to be entering a Walmart, Payless Shoes, or Beech Grove establishment does not exempt you from this law. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Fat Boy at Walmart

Recently, however, a new requirement has been added to the list of necessary sanitary coverings: MASKS!

A mask seems logical enough in the era of COVID-19. After all, the CDC, which originally advised AGAINST wearing masks, now says it’s a GOOD idea to wear masks! It’s NOT that the masks are effective in preventing you from becoming infected by Coronavirus; however, they apparently keep you from passing the deadly Coronavirus onto others… Somehow…

Maybe the masks only work one way? Who the hell knows at this point?

At any rate, many private establishments are now requiring their patrons to wear facial masks. But this is America, damn it, and Americans do what the hell we dag gone wanna do.

Anti-mask activists are quite bothered by these new mask restrictions, and they’ve chosen to express their frustration in the healthiest manner possible: by throwing temper-tantrums.


Sorry, wrong video.

Here we go:

The woman in this next video wants to sue Gelsons for their facemask requirement. Also, she’s a real battleax.

Anti-maskers claim wearing a mask makes you look like a doofus (this from the generation walking around with one Earpod in their ear), but is it a violation of your Constitutional Rights if a private establishment requires you to don a face covering?

A Constitutional lawyer weighed in on that very issue Tuesday. Hammer and Nigel have his response in the clip below.

Screen Capture:


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