Paul McCartney sports his new "horrible hair day" look

Paul McCartney’s Fame Woes: “I’m sorry, I don’t do pictures.”

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Poor little Paul McCartney. At one time he was dead, and now he’s overwhelmed with annoying requests to take photographs with fans. It’s a pisser, I tell ya!

Our story begins with a delightful interview that “60 Minutes” conducted with Paul “No Longer Dead” McCartney last Sunday. The Beatle who was slightly less important than John Lennon, but still more important than Ringo Starr sat down with correspondent Sharyn Alfons (she didn’t get a picture either) to talk about his favorite subject: Paul McCartney.

Here’s a partial transcript from the portion of the interview that most allows us to unfairly make fun of Paul.

Paul McCartney: Just bein’ recognized by everyone. I mean, you don’t always need that. It’s– it’s a very difficult thing, you know, ’cause you– you don’t want to sort of be mean to them, ’cause they’re nice people, they genuinely like you. But you have to draw the line. These days everyone’s got a camera.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Everyone has a camera–

Paul McCartney: So– so the first thing, when I see people, they go– (RUSTLING)  and they’re not– they can’t say anything. They just go– “We’ll do a picture”– I say– and I say, “I’m sorry, I don’t do pictures. But I’m very happy to shake your hand and we’ll have a chat.”

See? No pictures, but you get to touch his hand AND talk to him! Score! 

If you absolutely MUST have a damn photograph, just do what Hammer and Nigel do: take a selfie and then photoshop the celebrity of your choice into the photo later on. It’s much easier, and with a little practice, you can easily give yourself a great set of boobs as well! Who doesn’t like boobs?

To be fair, McCartney is a legend. It must get annoying as hell to constantly get pestered by fans when you’re out in public. Cut him some slack; no one is perfect! No, not even the great Paul McCartney. Need proof?

‘Nuff said.

Hammer and Nigel talked Sir Paul McCartney’s “Rules and Etiquette for Fans” in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?” Click below to enjoy the segment multiple times.


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