A photo of Representative Jim Lucas

Republican State Rep. Jim Lucas Endorses Libertarian Donald Rainwater

Republican State Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour announced Thursday he is endorsing Libertarian Donald Rainwater for Governor.

“(Rainwater) has the same commitment to the Constitutional principles of limited government and individual liberties that I do and has earned my vote.”

Shutting down the economy and the state mask mandate are just a few reasons as to why Lucas cannot support Gov. Holcomb in the upcoming election. He made clear there is no hard feelings toward him personally, but Lucas wants to see the state revert back to Republican core beliefs.

“I love the Republican Party. I’m not switching to any other parties. I am a Republican through and through. It seems like we are drifting away from our core principles. It’s time, we need to stand up and say enough. We need to get back to what this party is founded on.”

Lucas is the first Republican state official to endorse Rainwater.

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