OJ Simpson Expresses Shock as He Looks at a Photograph
Robert Kardashian Returned from the Grave Via Hologram. Also, creepy.

Robert Kardashian Returned From The Grave, But Guess Who Didn’t?

Kim Kardashian West turned 40 this week, and her hubby, Kanye, gave her the perfect gift: a heartfelt reminder that her dad is DEAD. What a guy!

Musician, entrepreneur, and self-described “genius” Kanye West – ironically running for President on the “birthday party” ticket – spent several thousand dollars to have a hologram created of Kim’s father, the late Robert Kardashian, who checked out in 2003 before his kids could cause him any further embarrassment.

Take note fellas: creepy holograms of dead parents is the new jewelry.

Here’s Kanye’s “Gift”:

Is this the kind of thing a gal wants on her 40th when she’s “over the hill” and already dealing with her own sense of mortality?

“Happy 40th, babe! Here’s Dad! You’ll be seeing him soon!”

Is the kind of crap we can expect in a “Birthday Party” administration, Kanye?

Robert didn’t mention that whole porn thing that made Kim Kardashian famous. He might be watching over his kids from Heaven, but as a father, sometimes you just have to look away.

Robert Kardashian became famous in his own right for serving on the defense team for O.J. Simpson in the mid-90s. With that in mind, maybe O.J. could give his children a hologram of Nicole Brown Simpson this Christmas. It’s the least he can do for his kids after butchering their mother.

By the way, did you know that Kanye is a devout Christian now? Look, here he is at church falling off of a horse:

Kanye West might be a genius, but he’s no John Wayne that’s for sure.

Hammer and Nigel have more in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”

(screen capture:YouTube.com/InsideEdition)


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