Attendees hold up signs as U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at CenturyLink Center on November 14, 2019 in Bossier City, Louisiana.
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Samuel: Voter Enthusiasm for Trump More Robust Than 2020

The Vice-Chairman of the Trump 2016 Indiana campaign is projecting a victory for the President next Tuesday.

With less than a week to go until Election Day, Tony Samuel told the Hammer and Nigel Show Thursday that voter enthusiasm for Donald Trump is more robust than in 2016.

Donald Trump Projected to Easily Win Indiana

Samuel: “I think one of the reasons you’re seeing so much enthusiasm for Donald Trump is because this is a President who has kept his promises. So that enthusiasm that you’re seeing all across the country – the Trump flotillas and people coming out to the rallies in the cold to show their support – that enthusiasm will carry the day on November 3rd.

“And as far as Indiana, you don’t have a Trump campaign office here because Indiana is not a battleground state. The Vice President, who does a great job, is from Indiana. So Trump’s going to win big in Indiana and I’m predicting a 22 point win in the Hoosier state.”

33.1% GDP Growth in Third Quarter a Credit to Trump’s Policies

Samuel: “Voters see is that the economy is coming back – we had 33.1% GDP growth in this third quarter. And the reason for that is that because [President Trump] built such a robust economy prior to the pandemic. So it’s a credit to the President’s pro-economic policies that the U.S. is rebounding much more quickly than Europe.”

Projections for Trump in the Key Battleground States

Samuel: “What we’re hearing is very similar to what heard and saw in 2016. We were able to send some folks from here to go into Michigan and Pennsylvania to go door-to-door. So this campaign is so organized and has left no stone unturned.

“And we’re hearing good things in those battleground states. For example, the President thinks he can win Minnesota this time around – he lost it last time by around 30,000 votes. And now Biden is headed to Minnesota. I saw a poll that showed Biden ahead in Minnesota by about 9 points. Well, Biden wouldn’t be headed there if there wasn’t concern that he could lose that state. So I think the President could conceivably win Minnesota.”

The States That Trump Needs to Win to Secure a Second Term

Samuel: “He has to win Florida and Pennsylvania. If he wins those two states, it’s going to be pretty hard for him to lose the election. He can’t lose a state like Arizona or Wisconsin – both of those states went to Trump in 2016 – if Michigan slips away and goes to Biden this time around.

“Now there is a chance that President could lose Wisconsin if he picks up Nevada, New Mexico, and there’s a possibility that he could even win New Hampshire this time around.

“But the other side of this to keep in mind is the enthusiasm for Trump that you’re seeing. And just like I think the President will win big in Indiana, he could potentially win big across the country. And there are a lot of Trump supporters who won’t go to the polls until Election Day, and Trump supporters are the type of people that will crawl across broken glass to vote for this President.”

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