In this handout photo provided by the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department, Lisa Montgomery appears in a booking photo released December 20, 2004 in Kansas City, Kansas.
(Photo by Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images)

Lisa Montgomery Executed: Woman Who Cut a Baby Out of a Victim’s Stomach

UPDATE: Lisa Montgomery has been executed.

A federal judge in Indiana blocked the highly-anticipated execution of Lisa Montgomery, an evil murderer who strangled a mother, cut her unborn child out of her stomach, and passed it off as her own.

The judge’s decision came on mental health grounds, based on evidence that she was unable to understand the government’s rationale for her execution.

Editor’s Note: If she’s too insane to understand it now, she’s not going to understand it in the future no matter how many counseling sessions she attends or Prozac pills she swallows.

Did you know: The female victim actually regained consciousness WHILE Lisa Montgomery was cutting her unborn child out of her stomach. This is Charles Manson level evil, but some “woke” judge kept her from getting put down like the dog she is.

Montgomery’s lawyer, Kelley Henry, praised the judge’s ruling and said the court was right to put a stop to her execution.

Editor’s Note: Guessing Montgomery hasn’t paid her lawyer’s bill yet. Once people are killed by the state, it’s a real pain in the butt to collect.

“Mrs. Montgomery is mentally deteriorating and we are seeking an opportunity to prove her incompetence,” Henry said in a statement.

Montgomery’s lawyer says his client admits her guilt but deserves clemency because she has long suffered severe mental illness, exacerbated by being gang-raped by her stepfather and his friends during an abusive childhood.


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