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Survey: 10 Most Embarrassing Social Situations

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Ever had one of those embarrassing moments in a social situation that was so humiliating that suicide felt like the most logical next step to take?

Maybe you released a noxious squeaker on a first date? 

Perhaps you floated an air biscuit during the most solemn moment of Grandma’s funeral?

Perchance you performed an ear-ringing trouser cough while Pastor Pete was mid-prayer?

Publicly passing gas was just one of many charmingly shameful moments of mortification that were presented on a survey intended to discover respondents’ top 10 Most Embarrassing Social Situations:

  1. Coughing in a quiet place.  52{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89} of people in the poll said it’s embarrassing.
  2. Saying something stupid in front of your boss, 43{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.
  3. Forgetting someone’s name, 40{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}
  4. Passing gas in public, 37{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.  (Only 37{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89} think that’s embarrassing?)
  5. Falling asleep in public, also 37{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.
  6. Having the hiccups in a work meeting, 36{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.
  7. Tripping in public, 36{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.
  8.  Your significant other having a temper tantrum in public, 34{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.
  9. Your child having a temper tantrum in public, also 34{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.
  10.  Public speaking, 32{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}.

How can coughing in a quiet space be considered more humiliating than passing gas in public? I question the accuracy of this survey.

What are Hammer and Nigel’s picks? Click below to find out.


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