The logo for Crackers Comedy Club in downtown Indianapolis.

This Weekend: Comedian Scott Long Invites You to Forget Your COVID Troubles at Crackers Comedy Club

Comedian Scott Long hasn’t had the easiest time surviving the Coronavirus pandemic. Comedy clubs were temporarily closed across the country amid fears from the CDC that uncontrollable laughter could provide you with five seconds of actual relief from the year of hell that is 2020.

Fortunately, the clubs in Indiana are open again, and Long, a critically-acclaimed comedian and Hoosier native, can get back to work and earn a decent paycheck. Not that a steady diet of government cheese and powdered milk doesn’t have its advantages. You save tons of money on toilet paper, but not on purpose.

Scott Long is appearing all this weekend at Crackers Comedy Club, located at 207 N Delaware St in downtown Indianapolis.

Long called into the Hammer and Nigel Show to preview the show and explain what he’s been doing to stay busy while he’s been completely NOT busy.

Please Note: Scott’s REALLY funny.


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