Fox News and Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren.
Fox News and Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren.

Tomi Lahren: Democrats Are Terrified Of Donald Trump

“Democrats are terrified of Donald Trump because they know that he still has a tremendous amount of support,” according to Fox News and Fox Nation contributor Tomi Lahren.

The conservative firebrand returned to the Hammer and Nigel Show Wednesday, warning overly-optimistic democrats that regardless of what actions are taking against the President, Trump supporters and conservatives will not be silenced.

“We still vote and we still have a place in this country – a huge place in this country,” said Lahren. “So this is an attempt to shut us up, cancel conservatives, and it’s not going to be successful because the conservative movement is not going to forget.”

She continued: “Democrats do not have any meaningful policies to put forth, they’re repulsive, and liberalism truly is a disease.”

Lahren also tore into turncoat Republicans who sided with Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday.

“The Mitt Romneys, Mitch McConnells, and the others absolutely love the swamp, and they want to get back to that because Donald Trump destroyed the D.C. elite,” Lahren said. “They’re going to pay a price; they’re going to be replaced, and Mitch McConnell is so ridiculous and ignorant to think that by going after Trump he’s going to bring back the good old days of the forgotten American. He’s a colossal moron.”

The endgame from Democrats’ perspective, according to Lahren: “Don’t question the democrat machine or you will face the consequences and be destroyed.”

Lahren also weighed in on the hypocrisy of the mainstream media’s coverage of the Capitol riots versus the months of chaos that accompanied the Black Lives Matter protests.

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