Former Vice President Joe Biden is Seen Snorting a Mountain of Cocaine.
Joe Biden: Sniffin' Babes, Babies, and Cocaine!

Trump Video: Biden Should Take a Drug Test

The way Donald Trump sees it, there’s only one possible way that Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden is able to stay awake for more than three minutes at a time: performance-enhancing drugs.

President Trump alluded to Dementia Joe using drugs to keep up with his exhausting campaign tour during an on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning,

Joe Biden is “taking something” and “should take a drug test,” said Trump, adding that the former vice president’s behavior has been “very strange.”

Asked about the 2020 presidential election debates during his Tuesday appearance on Fox & Friends, Trump said, “I don’t know which Biden is going to show up because I watched him during the debates where they had twenty people on the stage before they started calling it out, and I watched him and he was a disaster. You don’t get worse, he was grossly incompetent.”

“Then I watched him against Bernie and he was okay. He wasn’t Winston Churchill, I can tell you that, but he was okay. He was fine. I said it was like an even debate, and so I said what did he do?” Trump continued. “What happened to him all of a sudden? Because he was okay, and Bernie was okay. It was an extraordinarily boring debate, but he got through it, and I said what’s the difference between now and some of those classic moments in the other debates, and something was strange, in my opinion.”

“Well Mr. President, you have suggested that Joe Biden should take a drug test,” co-host Steve Doocy said.

“I do. I would take one too,” Trump responded. “Yeah, I would say he should take a drug test.”

After Doocy asked, “Do you think he’s taking some sort of drugs to pep him up?” Trump answered, “I do. He’s taking something. He’s taking something… Gives him some clarity or whatever. Take a look at him…”

Here’s the clip of Trump’s comments on Biden moving on from sniffing ladies to snorting blow:

This is not the first time the President has accused Joe Biden of using drugs.

In late August, Trump said in an interview with the Washington Examiner that he will request that both Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and himself take drug tests before the first presidential debate in September – making the inflammatory claim that he believes that Biden’s improvement during the Democratic primary debates was the result of drugs.

“We are going to call for a drug test,” Trump told journalist Byron York. “It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill, because he wasn’t, but it was a normal, boring debate. You know, nothing amazing happened.”

Trump continued: “I don’t know how he could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then all of a sudden be OK against Bernie.”

Bottom Line: Stop whining about COVID-19, riots, and BLM and START praising God that you’re alive for the upcoming Biden/Trump debate cage matches! They’re going to draw a bigger viewing audience than last year’s Super Bowl.

Who’s bringing the 9-layer dip?

Hammer and Nigel have more Trump comments on drug addict Joe Biden in the clip below.


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