A woman driver flips the bird at Trump supporters moments before crashing her car
A woman driver flips the bird at Trump supporters moments before crashing her car.

VIEWER’S DELIGHT: Woman Crashes Car in Front of Cops While Flipping Off Trump Supporters

You just can’t beat Trump haters for quality fail videos. Scientists claim their behavior is primarily driven by a genetically-inherent absence of logic (they’re liberals) combined with an inability to regulate their emotions (they’re liberals).

It is vitally important that we celebrate these creatures of emotion, however. For we are at a point in our nation’s history when the typical American citizen has little to smile about:

  • The COVID-19 has inflicted incalculable damage on our people and claimed the lives of more than 200 million Americans, according to former Vice President Joe Biden.
  • Riots and looting in response to generally justified police shootings have become commonplace.
  • A government mask mandate has may self-annoited Constitutional scholars ready to pick up their musket on a second’s notice and kick some freedom-loving American ass.
  • Also, Chick-Fil-A is still closed on Sundays. What the hell?

Yes, it’s an age of passion. An age of confusion. An age smart phones that are capable of capturing “ultimate fails” and incidents “instant karma” in glorious 4K living color!

“What a time to be alive,” you grumble?

“What a time to be alive!!” I exclaim!

Proof of Claim: An unhinged woman crashed her car after she leaned out of the driver’s side window to flip off a gathering of MAGA supporters. The blessing on top of the majestic blessing? Two police officers were DIRECTLY behind her.


Some people claim the good Lord is neither Republican nor Democrat. I heartily disagree.

Feel free to enjoy the above video with tremendous frequency. And remember, dear friend, that sharing is caring, so share the living s*** out of it.

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