O.J. Simpson speaks to his followers via Twitter.
Screenshot: Twitter: @TheRealOJ32

WATCH: O.J. Simpson Weighs In On Capitol Riots, Questions Fairness of Judicial System

Donald J. Trump might have limited access to social media, but former football great and lover of fine cutlery, O.J. Simpson does!

The juice took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to weigh in on the protestors who descended upon the U.S. Capitol this week.

“Will it be justice for all?” Simpson opined, seemingly oblivious to the fact that calls for ‘justice’ don’t sit well with folks when they’re coming from a guy who got away with double murder.

“You know, I’ve been in the legal system,” O.J. casually mentioned, “and I’ve had verdicts that I didn’t agree with.”

Oh yeah? We heard your old buddy, Robert Kardashian, held a similar opinion about the legal system himself!

“But I believe in the American system. I believe in the jury system,” he continued.

Yeah, we can see where you’d have the warm & fuzzies about getting away with a double homicide.

“So, I felt I had to honor it, and I tried to honor it as best I could, and move on,” he added.

So by ‘moving on,’ you mean failing to pay a single dime on that $33.5 million you were ordered to fork over to the families of your murder victims when you were found guilty in your civil trial?

O.J. also expressed his dismay that people were not “honoring the decisions of some of our federal judges. That makes me sad.”

Again, about that $33.5 million, Juice…

Here’s the full video:

Editor’s Note: O.J. Simpson looks terrible. Is he getting enough rest? Granted, it can’t be easy to sleep through the night with images of butchering your ex-wife and her friend dancing in your head.

Surprisingly (not surprisingly), O.J. didn’t receive the best feedback from his followers on the legal analysis he put forth.

Hammer and Nigel were able to secure the vocal stylings of local media heartthrob Stan Lehr to read a few of those responses on-air.

Click below to listen.


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