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3 Last Minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes


It can happen to anyone. All of a sudden it’s the week of Thanksgiving and you still haven’t thought of your contribution for Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe you were invited to a last minute Friendsgiving and aren’t sure what to make in a hurry. Either way, click each name for a last minute, simple recipe to put your mind at ease.


Baked Hush Puppies – No scary ingredients here! This recipe features all the staples you already have at home. Mix the ingredients together, spoon into the muffin tin, and bake for about 10 minutes. These small snacks are sure to please!

Haricots Verts with Shaved Parmesan – Haricots verts = green beans. This one is SUPER simple. Just microwave your green beans for a few minutes, then toss with lemon juice and sour cream mixture. Top with shaved parmesan and they’re ready to serve!

Cranberry Sauce – Rather than buying the can of cranberry sauce, why not whip up a homemade version? Just heat washed cranberries, maple syrup, and orange juice and rind. Allow the juice to thicken to perfection!


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