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4 Things To Do to Protect Your Home During Heavy Rains

Things to do now, that'll save your home later

Photo Credit: Getty Images De Agostini Picture Library / Contributor

The rain is coming in heavy here in Indiana. There isn't a lot of time to do roof or home fix-ups, but there is a few things you can do NOW that'll help prevent foundation leaks. 


Sump Pumps

1) Make sure the float on the sump pump is clear of debris in the pit. Double check that it is NOT touching the dump pit wall. Basically we are making sure that the water is being pumped safely AWAY from your home. 



2) Walk around the house to confirm downspouts are connected and moving all water away from the foundation of your house. 

3) Double check that the gutters/drains are clear of debris too so water can move through.



4) Securely shut all doors and windows in your home and check their seal.

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