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4 Things You Can Do For Your Houseplants in the Winter

Get your houseplants looking and feeling the best they can this winter

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Something that really gets me through the gloomy days of winter is fresh air and indoor plants. Houseplants bring not only beautiful greenery into a gray season, but also provide some fresh air to our homes. We all want our houseplants to thrive ( plus it’s always nice when visitors are impressed by how well you keep them healthy.) So to avoid the sad task of throwing another dead houseplant away, we have a few tips and tricks that will be sure to keep your plants happy until spring.


First and foremost is watering. Now your first instinct may be to water your houseplants more since the winter air is drier; however, you actually want to do the opposite. Indoor plants need less water in the wintertime because this is the time of year the growth rates slow down and some even go dormant.


Tip: The best way to tell if your plant needs water is feel the soil, but not just the surface. Poke your finger down in the soil about an inch or two to determine if the plant needs water.  Avoid overwatering because it will lead to root rot.


Humidity is the biggest problem many indoor plants face this time of year. If you already have a humidifier try to place your plants near it.  If not, you can also cluster your plants together so they feed off of each other’s moisture. You can also try the old trick of filling a tray or bowl of water and placing that near your plants.


Tip: Bathrooms and kitchens are good rooms to keep plants in since that is where our house’s moisture gathers most.


Tip: For bigger potted plants you can fill the saucer with gravel and add water to raise the humidity around the plant. Again be careful not to overflow with standing water.


Like most of us, our plants too need comfortable temperatures to thrive. During the day the recommended temperature for indoor plants is 65-75, while night time can be a little cooler with 50 and above. Keep this in mind especially if your plants are near any cold drafts or sources of intense heat such as a fireplace or radiator.


Tip: Make sure your plants receive some sunlight each day too. You may have to relocate your plant to follow the sun during the day. Rotate the pots every now and then to make sure the sun reaches all sections of the plant.


If you want to give your plants some extra TLC, feel free to clean them! Remove any dust, debris, or pests away so they can breathe. Just use very diluted liquid dishwashing soap mixed with water then wipe once more with warm clean water. Don’t be afraid to also do some pruning if you see any yellow/brown leaves.


Overall, maintenance for houseplants is low during the winter. You don’t need to fertilize or re-pot until the warmer months. Let your plants and your green thumb rest easy and before you know it it’s time for some spring-cleaning.


Note: Not all houseplants are the same, be sure to do some additional research on your plants to make sure they don’t need different treatment.

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