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5 Easy Quick Tips To Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Faucets get cold too, make sure your sink doesn't freeze with these tips

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More freezing temperatures are on the way here in Indiana. In fact, it’s going to get BELOW freezing just this week! You may not be able to control the cold, but you can keep your faucets working.


Here are five easy tips to keep your sink pipes from freezing up.


  1. Leave your water running. A trickle of water, just a small pencil-size stream, can make help prevent your pipes from freezing. Keep the tap on just slightly, especially overnight, will warm the pipes up enough. Try to do this with faucets attached to an outside wall and if you live in a two-story don’t forget the upstairs too.
  2. Open cabinet doors. Leaving cabinet doors open that are located under the sink allows the room temperature to help warm up the exposed pipes underneath.
  3. Make sure any vents to your crawl space are CLOSED.
  4. Avoid opening the garage door if possible. Once you get your vehicle in for the night, try to keep the door shut so heat doesn’t get out.
  5. If you are aware of a drain that freezes often in the house, Denny suggests dropping some softener salt down the drain. It’ll help prevent freezing by another 3-5 degrees.


If things get frozen, remember we need to get warm air to the area of the freeze.  Hair dryer, exhaust from a vacuum cleaner, and even a room fan blowing warmer air to the area at risk. It is best to start warm air near the top of the pipe, closest to the faucet, and work your way down.

NOTE: Never thaw a pipe with an open flame!


Hopefully with these tips you and your faucet’s heart won’t turn cold. However, if a water pipe does burst the main thing you as a homeowner should do: turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. You can also leave the faucets turned on. Make sure everyone in the house is aware of the situation and call a plumber! It’s not worth making things worse or being a recipient to accidental electrocution so be sure to contact a professional if a pipe bursts.


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