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Create Natural Edging For Flower Beds: Easy As 1, 2, 3!

If you’ve been a homeowner for decade or so, you may remember these guys:

lady installing black coil edging in flower bed
Master Mark Plastics

These plastic coils were incredibly popular for landscaping the yard. The idea was to bury them in the ground to provide a guide and barrier between the lawn and flower beds. However, the combination of the different seasons and our soil the plastic never lasted long (well neatly at least.)

Now in days many homeowners like the look of stone or brick. Another popular edging is the ‘natural’ border. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3, seriously!

First, take a shovel or half-moon edger and push it about 6 inches in the ground. Move the shovel down creating your desired line.

Next, go back though the line and create a 90-degree angle in the direction of the border and remove the extra turf and/or soil. This is an important step as it creates a small trench for drainage and will make maintenance easier!

Lastly, add 2-3” of your favorite mulch.

All in all, it should look similar to this image here.

Just like that you’ll have a beautiful clean natural border without the hassle of major maintenance. ​

Watch Pat go through the whole process 


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