Two fall planters with a pumpkin
Photo: Allison Lemons. WIBC. At Sullivan Hardware and Garden.

Easy Ways to Transform Summer Containers into Fall

Fall has arrived here in central Indiana and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Who doesn’t love pumpkins, mums, apple orchards, and that crisp autumn air that you really can’t get anywhere else? As you’re putting out your fall decorations and hanging baskets, leave your summer containers. We’re here to show you how to spruce up those containers and transform them into a fall piece as easy as 1,2,3…4!


Color is a pretty important part to containers. This season has so many rich colors to make a beautiful autumnal rainbow. Grab some gorgeous colored plants like coleus, coral bells, coneflowers, and aster.  Don’t feel like every perennial must go, a lot of evergreens and longer-lasting summer perennials can still find a place within the rainbow.

Fall Planter with tall grass
Photo: Allison Lemons. WIBC. Sundown Gardens.


Give some height to your containers for depth and definition. Any ornamental grass is perfect for this like purple fountain grass or maiden grass. Heather or Goldenrod is also a great option for this look, plus you get a pop of color.

Fall Planter with mum
Photo: Allison Lemons. WIBC. Sullivan Hardware

Weather Permitting

Something to keep in mind is the cooler mornings and nights. However, if your pansies are still holding up well use them! Pansies are actually pretty hardy in the cold, so don’t feel like you have to get rid of them especially when if they have those pretty orange, red, deep purple tones.

Garden mums are great little fillers this time of year! It’s not a secret that mums are the go-to fall plant, so grab a couple of smaller ones and snuggle them right in.

Other foliage plants, like crocus or viburnum, are great fillers as well.


Don’t be afraid to be creative and add some drama into your container! Add some ornamental peppers, berries, or even some ornamental cabbage to create a more bountiful look.

Keep your vines from the summer look and trim them up for that overflow greenery look, sweet potato vines, or enrich the sides of the pot with dwarf vine maple tree.

Other little add-ins we’ve tried include berries, twiggy branches, catacombs, etc. We’ve even seen containers that mix in herbs like rosemary for a little extra benefit!

Fall Planter with catacombs
Photo: Allison Lemons. WIBC. Sundown Gardens.

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